iPhone and iPad Rentals

At RR, we make it simple for you to rent the hottest Apple products thanks to our flexible terms. Whether you’re after iPad rentals, or the best rental deals on iPhones, this must-have range lives up to all the hype and more.

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Why rent an iPhone?

Apple’s iPhone rentals mean you get instant access to a sophisticated and stylish phone with:

  • easy touchscreen controls
  • a processor so fast you’ll be able to zip around it with ease
  • enough storage to cope with all your music and movie downloads.
  • access to hours of interactive fun with the most striking visuals and fantastic picture resolution.

The Apple iPhone is also easy to use, fits neatly into your pocket, and features strong security for greater protection from hackers. Apple iPhone rentals allow you to download all the music you love and create your own playlists, and boasts a fantastic built-in camera so you never miss capturing that special moment.


Great iPad rental deals

RR’s Apple iPad rentals gives you:

  • built-in Wi-Fi for hours of fun entertainment
  • the ability to easily download movies or catch up on your favourite TV shows
  • touchscreen capability and exceptional graphics
  • access to a world of apps, digital programming and games
  • the ability to check your emails and keep up to date with all your social media wherever you are, and
  • a state-of-the-art lithium battery that lasts for hours and hours!


Why wait when you can rent now?!

RR is all about giving you a fair go. We make renting the latest iPhone and iPads easy. Ask us how we can help, and get one step closer to enjoying fantastic Apple rentals!

Apply for a Apple iPhone or iPad online now, or visit your nearest RR store. We’re here to help!