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Samsung Galaxy Rentals

Galaxy Rental deals that will have you jumping for joy!

RR is the place to go for all your Galaxy smartphone and tablet needs - at prices you can afford. Whether you have your heart set on a Samsung Galaxy S7 or the Samsung Galaxy Tab A, RR makes it easy for you to rent-to-own a smartphone or tablet, and experience the world at the touch of a screen.


Samsung Galaxy rentals are a great choice

When you choose to rent the Samsung Galaxy range of smartphones and tablets from RR, you’re choosing some of the most beautiful, technologically astounding, and durable products on the market.

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The Samsung Galaxy S7 rental has your name on it

Rent-to-own the Samsung Galaxy from RR today and enjoy quality design and engineering, and unrivalled performance. Slim and stylish, Galaxy smartphone rentals slip perfectly into your back pocket. RR’s smartphone rental is also:

  • equipped with the first ever smartphone camera with a professional-grade Dual Pixel Sensor
  • incredibly simple to use
  • resistant to dust
  • water resistant to a depth of 1.5m for up to 30 minutes
  • equipped with a game control centre and gameplay recording, and
  • you can even extend the memory if you choose!


Rent the Samsung Galaxy Tab A

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A is a stylish 9.7” tablet that offers exceptional performance. The screen size is perfect for browsing the internet, and checking up on Facebook and Instagram. When you rent-to-own a Galaxy tablet, we predict you’ll also love:

  • taking professional-quality photos using the tablet rental’s new 5MP auto focus.
  • the tablet’s fantastic battery life - up to 12 hours, as well as Power Saving and Ultra Power Saving Modes so you can extend your battery life for even longer.
  • kicking back to read the latest novels, and
  • watching your favourite movies and TV show.


Choose your own service provider

All of RR’s Samsung Galaxy smartphones and tablets are unlocked, meaning you get to pick the service provider you want.


Why wait when you can rent to buy!

Here at RR, we’re all about ensuring people get a fair go. We make applying for a Galaxy rental simple plus we offer our great My, Try, Buy™ solution for even greater affordability. Ask us how we can help. We’re here to make it easier to enjoy fantastic Galaxy rental deals!

To apply for a Galaxy rental, just follow the links below or visit your nearest RR store.