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Phone & Tablet Rentals

Phones & Tablets

From iPhones and iPads to Samsung Galaxys and Huawei Smartphones, you’ll be able to enjoy all the connectivity and interactive fun of a smartphone and/or tablet without the hassle of having to sign up with a phone service provider. Our smartphones are unlocked, so you can select the phone provider you want. Rent from these smartphones: Apple iPhones, and Samsung Galaxy and Huawei Smartphones.

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Enjoy stunning imagery, lightning fast processor speeds and high-definition video playback. Wi-Fi connectivity and ample storage across all models means you can download plenty of content, apps and music to the phone while staying up-to-date with your social media and emails. Stay in touch with friends and family and discover a world of entertaining apps. When you rent a smartphone from RR, you get more than just a phone. 

Rent an Apple iPhone, a slim and stylish phone with a super-fast processor so you can get get your work done faster. The iPhone 7 has a vibrant 1334 X 750 display. and it's 12MP camera with auto focus means you will never miss capturing those special moments.

The slender Samsung Galaxy S8 fits snugly in your hand and has more smart features than ever before to make multi-tasking and use a breeze. From Smart Pause and Smart Scroll that senses eye movement to pause/start video and scroll up and down emails and websites to Air View that lets you control the phone with the gesture of your hand. It comes with voice recognition software and has an impressive 5.1 inch HD screen delivering great video resolution.

At RR, you’ll be able to rent the latest smartphones when you rent an Apple iPhone, Thorn Smartphone or Samsung Galaxy. Data plans are not included.