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RR in collaboration with SleepMaker bring you an exclusive range of mattresses to suit your wants and needs.

The Serene Plush Mattress Range

The Plush comfort level is the softest. It offers the highest level of conformance to the body which relieves the most pressure from the body’s pressure points. This is recommended for those who sleep on their side, as doing so can put more pressure on the shoulders and hips. You will like this option if you enjoy a luxurious feel like you are sleeping on a cloud.

The Serene Medium Mattress Range

The Medium comfort level offers a lower level of softness than the plush, while being not quite as rigid as the firm. If you need some conformance but the plush is too soft, this mattress is ideal for you.

The Serene Firm Mattress Range

The firm comfort level is the most rigid. It is good for people who sleep on their front or back, which disperses weight more evenly thus reducing pressure on any specific part of the body. It is also good for those who prefer a firm feel over a soft one, and for those who want to reduce lower back pain.

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