Project New Dawn

At Radio Rentals, we believe in giving everyone a fair go. That’s why we’re proud to be a supporting partner of Project New Dawn, a grass roots social initiative that aims to break the cycle of homelessness in Australia. Operating since 2007, Project New Dawn became a registered non-for-profit organisation in 2014. Through their unique operating model and supported by their strong partnerships with employers and social welfare organisations, Project New Dawn has to date, helped over 60 homeless and unemployed people transform their lives and reintegrate back into society. They have achieved this through their operations in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth.

Project New Dawn is dedicated to helping homeless and marginalised Australians find long term living and employment opportunities by providing housing, employment and ongoing professional support. They understand that sustainable change takes time - the participants spend 12 months in the program and over 60% graduate.

Findings from independent research conducted by the Melbourne Business School, Project New Dawn generates a Social Return on Investment (SROI) index of 11. That is, they generate $11,000 of social value for each $1,000 invested. This is an outstanding achievement generated by passionate people striving to support others in unfortunate circumstances.

Radio Rentals would like to congratulate Project New Dawn on their outsanding contribution to the community and through ongoing collaboration, continue to enrich the lives of those living homeless.

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Project New Dawn: Mark's Story

After around 20 years together, Mark’s partner passed away. Soon after he crashed and wrote off his car, making the commute to work impossible and causing him to lose his job. This sent Mark into depression and left him thinking that at 51, his working life was over, it was the end of the road and how long would he go through this hell.

Mark then met a man at a café who told him about Project New Dawn which helped him gain stable accommodation, and also land a job. This was a “life changing situation, it’s a big change and it’s a good change”. Who matters. Everyone matters.