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Career Development

Career Development

Our people are pivotal to the continued growth and success of our business. That’s why professional development and training is something we actively encourage and support. From on-the-job training and mentoring to internal and external training, grow as we grow and broaden your knowledge and experience. With RR, you can shape your career and your future.

Current resources and programmes available include:

  • Induction and Orientation Training

    A valuable training program that gives new employees the information, tools and resources they need to become a successful part of our team.

  • Levels Training Program

    A flexible, self-paced training program that rewards active professional development. Boost your knowledge and experience and benefit from an allowance increase between $500 and $2,000 at each level completed as well as a one off bonus between $250 and $750.

  • Thorn Learning Centre

    With resources such as eLearning modules, our online Learning Centre is a great way to increase your knowledge and skills whenever you can.

  • Thorn Library

    The Learning and Development team have a great selection of books and DVDs to assist your ongoing professional development.

  • Thorn Talent Development Program

    Combining both on and off the job training, our professional development program will teach you the business and people management skills needed to progress into leadership roles.