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Apple Product Rental


At RR, we make it simple for you to rent the hottest Apple products thanks to our flexible terms. From iPads to iPhones and Macbooks for hire, this must-have range looks as sexy as it feels. Enjoy hours of interactive fun with the most striking visuals and fantastic picture resolution. RR has the following Apple products for rent: iPhoneiPad and Macbooks.

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The great thing about Apple products is that they speak to each other, so when you own more than one, you can easily stream photos, movies and music between devices. Share music from any one of our My, Try, Buy™* Apple products or rent iPads, iPhones and Macbooks - quickly and effortlessly. Back up is also a breeze. Just choose cloud backup when you set-up your device and you’ll be able to save all your data to a virtual back-up server whenever you’re in a Wi-Fi area.

Apple’s iPhone to rent is a snazzy and stylish phone that comes unlocked so you can choose the phone provider you want. Featuring easy touchscreen controls and a lightning speed processor you’ll be able to zip around it with ease while enjoying enough storage to cope with your music and movie downloads.

The Apple iPad rental gives you Wi-Fi built in for hours of fun entertainment. Download movies or catch up on your TV viewing. With touchscreen capability and exceptional graphics, access a world of apps, digital programming and games. You can even check your emails and keep up to date with all your social media. With so much access and a long-lasting lithium battery, when you hire the iPad, you get hours of entertainment to keep the troops amused.

Hire an Apple Macbook and get a light and slender laptop with remarkable battery life and storage. Download movies, books and music without a hitch and keep yourself entertained on long trips without it running out of power. With a lightning fast processor, you can multi-task with ease while enjoying stunning graphics and exceptional definition with the high-resolution screen

At RR, you can enjoy the newest technology and design from Apple when you rent an iPhone, an iPad or a Macbook.